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Grim Dawn officially launches!

Grim Dawn officially launches!


It was a silent release, nonetheless make no mistake, this game is The defining spiritual successor to Titan Quest.

When THQ met its untimely demise, Iron Lore Entertainment was one of the studios to be dissolved. The remnants of the studio banded together to form Crate Entertainment, and after a few close calls, managed to secure the needed rights to develop Grim Dawn.

As of 12 hours ago, they have officially transited from Alpha to Full Release. In other words, all features, and gameplay content have been implemented!

So what makes Grim Dawn special?

For those who do and don’t remember, Grim Dawn has the following features unique to it inherited from Titan Quest:

  • Dual-Class: Choose to take up a second class at level 10, thereby allowing you to create a subtly or entirely different playstyle
  • Mobs actually visually display wielding the weapons that they may drop upon death! Veteran players who know the pain of hunting for epics or legendaries can relate to this. Unlike the old Titan Quest however, I have yet to see any mobs visually displaying the wearing armour that they will drop.

Other notable features of Grim Dawn:

  • Semi-dynamic map spawn. Certain entrances to mini dungeons shift their location on each state load, thus requiring you to really explore the map (or refer to the many wonderful fan-made resources already out there)
  • Devotion system that further extends character skill customisation. The devotion system allows you to further tweak your character’s play style regardless of class choice. This means a sword and board warrior can have the same bonus effects from the devotion system as a spell casting mage, albeit how this bonus effects come into play will of course be different.

As like any ARPG, the following features have already been implemented:

  • Multiplayer, with both LAN and Internet choice.
  • End game dungeons
  • Crafting
  • Enchanting
  • Multiple difficulty, as well as Hardcore and Veteran modifiers to the difficulty modes.

Stay tuned for screenshots and possible VODs of the gameplay.

Meanwhile, feel free to join us on Slack to find out more about how this game compares to Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and even Torchlight 2!

For those who’ve been already convinced, here’s the steam page:

Author’s note:
I’ve been a fan of Titan Quest and its developer since its pre-THQ demise, following semi-closely its development. Additionally, I’ve also purchased and played the pre-release game as well.