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My Very 1st Granblue Fantasy Street Fighter Event!

My Very 1st Granblue Fantasy Street Fighter Event!


It’s a collab event! 😀
For peeps who doesn’t know about Granblue Fantasy, it’s a mobile game with a recent English patch update to the original Japanese base game.
It’s entirely free for both Android and IOS so fret not 😉
Spending money is very VERY optional. You do not need to pour money to play it (seriously).
This game is made to last long and lots of grinding needed but it’s not very tedious.
Other than mobile platform, you can choose to play it on your PC via a web link.
There’s also a goggle chrome app support but it’s gonna be taken down soon.
Granblue Fantasy @ Wiki

It is basically an RPG game with turn based battles and has raid rooms available with the largest room being 60 cap for the recent Suzaku event.
There’ also Summons (BAHAMUT!!!), job class systems and equipment upgrading.

Now, pardon my horrible skills especially at failing the bonus stage for being a stingy player :V
The following video is the current VS Arcade (Normal) mode where my entire team has to be characters that uses Fists as their choice of weapon, including my Main Character.
Thankfully, I have enough for a full team >.<
The March Legend Gacha Rate up x 2 Festival had gave me a pretty broad range of characters to choose from now considering that I started being more active on this game around late February onward.

P.S: I totally started this game back in 2014 when it was first released due to Final Fantasy’s Uematsu Nobuo and Minaba Hideo.

This is why the game feels Final Fantasy ish. As well as combat feeling like very very traditional FF-ish.

Tho, I quitted in day 1 because the game is horrible with it’s “loading game”. As of now, it’s pretty ok. But when bad luck strikes, be patient for 3 seconds per action 😛