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Overwatching into the hype train


Welp, I rode the train and enjoyed it 😛
The game is very gentle for FPS newcomers.
But other than simply being FPS, there’s also action elements e.g. jumping around like a monkey or role play like a ninja.
There are guns that does not even require you to aim; all you need to do is face the general direction and hold down your LMB.

As I dislike writing too long of a post (because I may accidentally go grandfather version), I will just leave some youtube video of whatever Overwatch I had recorded to share some fun around =)

I also like the part where the game practically lure players to do an achievement to unlock the cute sprays which a lot of people I know falls for it.

Fortunately for me, I unlocked Ninja’s cute spray fairy early on compared to his brother’s. Most killing type heroes require you to kill 4 enemies consecutively with their ultimate ability. In this ninja’s case aka Genji, you need to kill at least 4 person with his ultimate Dragon Blade. I got lucky for this and unlocked in under a week or 2 of playing.

Let’s not forget it’s a team play game – Mei is the Ice Lady where she can practically freeze enemies while Hanzo is the archer who can shoot his Spirit Dragons through obstacles and walls and make enemies run out of the path of the dragon like mad because it’s unblock-able and hurt quite a lot if you decide to stay put.

Not confident in your shooting? No prob! There’s melee character who function as tanks. In this case, Reinhardt.

Need some splashing heroes who can deal some damage without exposing yourself much?
I would say Parah who can rain rockets from the Sky but you are very vulnerable to good snipers and soldiers, Mr. High Noon as well as good D.Va.
So, I personally find this 1 of the easiest for some of my friends to start out with, because they can usually stay relatively safe behind and just… well, hold down your LMB.

Oh wait, hold down the LMB, the one and only hold down LMB for the win award goes to —–

Fret not, he is not just a stationary turret. His ultimate is pretty cool ya noe.

Other than just playing heroes and killing or just simply killing, you could always do some fun stuff together with your mates.

And then sometimes you just win and you don’t even realize it until the end.

And then sometimes, the game is hard, and no matter how hard you try it seems gone case. Try your best, try different things and don’t give up so easily no matter how many times you fail. Learn from your mistakes, learn how your opponents are playing and try and try again.

Don’t also be afraid to try things out even if it result in an epic fail. In my case, I failed a jump at a crucial moment but thanks to Mr. Ape’s size, I made it into the capture point barely in time and line. Because once the timer is out and we are unable to enter the point to tag for an Overtime timer, our game is lost. And then well, I transformed into a raging ape who decided to whack Mr. LMB ftw Bastian in his comfort zone :V
It’s totally ok to go full retard to try things out.

Let’s not forget about the supports, but the only one I have is our dear Daryl going into combat medic commando mode 😛

Well, Mercy seems harmless with a pistol and dies so easily but the real reason for her being an annoyance…. is shown in the next video where she can full resurrect her entire team as long as she is not dead and the dead are in range. So during a team clash, the attackers and or flankers will usually kill her 1st. Imagine throwing out all your wombo combo to kill your enemies only for Mercy to res them and turn your efforts into square one and restart the fight all over again.

Hope you guys enjoyed the crappy videos.

I got lazy to edit them and Windows Movie Maker severely  ruin the video quality 😛