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Star Citizen MVP from GamerEDGE!

Star Citizen MVP from GamerEDGE!


Congratulations to our very own Pegs (known as Marceline Abadeer in Star Citizen) for winning the Most Valuable Poster in Star Citizen! She was also prominently featured in the 100th Episode of Around the Verse, a weekly video of all things happening around the Star Citizen Universe. Here is the video:

Here is the link to her beautiful drawing on the Star Citizen Community Fan Art website. If you already have a Star Citizen account, do remember to give her a quick Upvote as well!

Esperia Vanduul Glaive Graphite Pencil Drawing On Paper

A shout out to all the upstanding Star Citizens in GamerEDGE for your help in encouraging Pegs to pursue her passion in drawing and submitting her Fan art! You have helped to push her drawing up by supporting with your valuable upvotes on Reddit and the Roberts Space Industries websites. Here are the additional posts made in Reddit, Hardwarezone and the Forums.

Glaive on Reddit

Glaive on Hardwarezone

Glaive in Official Forums

If you would like to know more about Star Citizen, EDGE Foundation (our Star Citizen Org name), or simply hang out with us chatty fellows, do join us on Slack #star-citizen channel! Cheers and see you guys in the Verse!