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GamerEdge Conan Exile Dedicated Server


EDGE Gamers are proud to present our Dedicated Server for Conan Exile.


[SG]EdgeGamers Dedicated Admin 24/7 4X All 4x XP gain from all 4x resource gathering rate 10x day length We have a fast server and active admins that can be easily reachable in our discord.

Basic Server Rules

  1. No Newbies Griefing
  2. No building of base to fence off heavy resources spots (map is still too small to allow that) /Thralls City/village and spawn spots for specify mobs/caves
  3. No foundation spams.

Please exercise some communal consideration for all players on this. We do spectate and watch other players. In any event that we spot players using exploits to raid other players, action will be taken on the exploiters that may result in ban from server and removal of all exploiters’ built structures. Come join us and let’s have a great gaming time!