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Elite Dangerous: I finally reached Sagittarius A*

Elite Dangerous: I finally reached Sagittarius A*


Firstly, I am a very lazy person so I gonna abuse links 😛
And since I did not notice any Elite Dangerous post yet I shall start one.

What is Elite Dangerous (ED)? – Official SiteWikiaWikipedia
TLDR: It’s a Space Flight Simulator game where you can trade, pew pew AI or Humans (and now AI ailens with the recent update) and explore to your heart’s content. There is no hand holding in this game and you can choose what you want to do freely be it a PvP pirate, Slave Trader or Samaritans like the Fuel Rats 🙂
Over 100k of star system in the galaxy of ED are based off real astronomical data iirc while the rest of them are procedural generated.
So luck goes to RNG you chance upon something good if you are an explorer randomly traveling around.

What is Sagittarius A*? – Wikipedia
TLDR: A super duper really really gigantic black hole in the center of the galaxy.

And this is me finally reaching it yesterday.

The first ever explorer to scan and sell the data will have their name on that piece of rock. In the case of Sagittarius A* – CMDR Zulu Romeo
FYI: The first discoverer to scan the object with a Detail Surface Scanner and then to sell the data will get a 50% bonus credit output.


So… what’s the big deal travelling to this place?
Well, firstly its the center of the galaxy and then onwards – the main bubble is 25k to 26k plus light years (lys) away from the main play area back in 1.0. I do not know all the changes because, Hiatus since 2015. So all you get from me is mainly 2015 data.
Credits was hard to come by ya’ know and Cobra was like the best budget jack of all trades.
So for simple maths sake, take 25000lys divide by a jump range of 25lys and you are required to jump 1000 times to reach your destination 😛

1000 jumps doesn’t seem too hard for you? Wait till you factor in additional time for scanning stars and planets data. I will sometimes on average take 3 hours for 50 jumps because my hands are itchy to keep scanning potential planets. The constant “Frame Shift Drive Charging” will also echo in your head and becomes “Friendship Drive Charging” overtime.

There’s no route planner and we have to use 3rd party sources including for tradings.
No system star type filter to apply to the navigation plotting system either. You go in, blind or manually plot your next jump via straining your eyes at the galaxy map (and or after deciphering the system name if you know how).

So all the new updates now made my nights damn happy when I decided to resume my journey on 1st October 2017. I even know if the next system I am jumping to is a Black Hole or a Neutron Star (early stage it was just a DOT, now it has visible “tail streams”). Those gave me the most heart attacks when I had to jump in blind and make emergency U-turns so I won’t end up dropping out of SuperCruising (FTL) mode and maybe crashing into them or overheat and explode. Last thing you want is your ship to explode and lose all your exploration data. There was one jump exit that landed me so close to the Black Hole that I dropped out of FTL almost immediately and the warning alarms kept blaring. I had quite a phobia after that :V

Yes, you lose everything and you also need a minimal amount of credits to pay insurance to buy your previous exploded ship back else it’s back to the starter area with the starter ship – the Sidewinder.
AND you still lose all your data.

PS: I once did a two weeks expedition before the SagA* journey as a test run trip to know what to expect. I got lost in a “corridor” due to the limited range of my jump distance and there was no jump history in the navigation system. It took me over 5 hours to slowly jump my way out into “normal” route, one system at a time.

P.S.S: I once tried to rush back to main bubble to join other CMDRs for some pew pew actions. But due to manual plotting and the map being 3D, I actually went counter clockwise up and down the same area for like… 2K LYS. Back to square one.


Who else made it to SagA*?

All hail the forum list of visitors to SagA*!!!! – Visitor List Version 4.0!
It wouldn’t exist without all the free help from the volunteer curators. Thank you CMDRs!
CMDR Erimus
CMDR Marek
CMDR Kancro Vantas
And now for version 4.0 – GunnerBill

Including me, here’s a list of GamerEdge CMDRs who have paid a visit to SagA*.

CMDR F.ZLIM – 4th July 3301 (our dear CMDR F.ZLIM even made a head line in the Galatic News :P)
CMDR Halian Chone – 4th July 3301
CMDR Soundwave – 22nd July 3301
CMDR ZRyan – 27 July 3301
CMDR JeonIcDe – 16th October 3303

We are currently highly anticipating CMDR Gaussfodder to finally start his journey to SagA* soon.


No pressure yo 😛


Captain’s Log – Click HERE!!

This is my best travel buddy as it helps me record all my jumps. Before a fellow CMDR introduced it to me, I took almost every single screenshots as record otw to SagA*.

In version 1.xx, I am required to enter the system data manually.
But now, 2.xx automatically does it for me. Another great joy 😀

This is CL1.XX ‘s overall statistic view. I personally like it. You will be missed.


Last but not least

Remember I mentioned CMDR F.ZLIM made a headlines in GalNet?


Sleepiness is deadly on exploration yo! 😛


Peace out


(This ended up longer than I wanted. ****)